Learn French, The Mesmerizing Language}

Learn French, the mesmerizing language


French is such an intense and mesmerizing language that many an international student wants to be acquainted with it. Quite a few are desirous of mastering it as well. For all types of students we have started the

Learn French France

courses. The key to success of these courses is our ability to get hold of interest of the students while they embark on their intellectual pursuit. Not on a single day do they get bored or jaded of what is being taught to them. Our course material is prepared by the best minds available who make it sure that students feel motivated to learn more as they gradually progress through the course.

Our ESL Nice – French Course is a pioneer as far as learning of French by non-French speaking students is concerned. It is situated at a walking distance from the Vieux-Nice and boasts of two Belle Epoque buildings that form its premises. A strong point of this center is its strictly adhered to Quality-Price Ratio. We dont give preference to any particular course or get biased if someone opts for some offbeat or unpopular course.

In any of the course that you opt for, you will be provided the highest quality teaching staff and will be given the added benefit of leisure activities as well as so that you dont waver from your difficult pursuit on account of dullness or boredom of the daily routine. Our Learn French France courses see to it that your interest doesnt wane even a jot in whole of the course period.

While learning

Learn French in Switzerland

you have an added advantage that comes by your way because of the fact that Switzerland has been divided into four distinct linguistic zones. As a result our schools that are situated in all of these areas have acquired exemplary expertise as far as teaching different shades and varieties of French is concerned.

As you may be well aware, that people who belong to the Romansch-speaking Switzerland are culturally and linguistically different from the people who reside in German-speaking part of Switzerland. The course material that we have designed caters to all the modern needs and nuances of the French language and makes it sure that you dont have to grope in the dark even after completing your summer course in French. This is especially true in the case of international students, especially from the Asian and Russian countries.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of your summer vacation by joining one of our centers in the Learn French France category and see for yourself the best that this world has to offer in the field of language acquisition.

Mr. Xavier de Bastos

Marketing & Sales Manager of ESL-Ecole Suisse de Langues


Learn French France


Learn French in Switzerland


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