Cute &Amp; Fun Wedding And Birthday Gift Ideas

By Robin Moore

Once you reach a certain age, it seems as though you are constantly searching for unique gift ideas. There is always someone you know who is having a ‘significant’ birthday or is getting married. You spend what seems to be an eternity looking through magazines and searching the internet for bachelorette party ideas, wedding gift ideas or a 50th birthday gifts. Here are a couple of cute & fun gift ideas when you next need to meet this challenge.

One of the many gifts available is the Lolita purse party gifts. They are a wonderful idea for the party girl and they look fabulous. They combine small hand painted martini glasses and a matching flask and are available in a variety of themes.

The Fifty and Fabulous purse party gift would be perfect for the 50th birthday party of a favorite aunt, uncle or friend you know who is celebrating their birthday soon. This is a set embossed with ‘Fifty and Fabulous’ on the velvet storage bag.

The set includes a 4 oz. flask to keep their favorite drink handy and a mini martini glass with the same ‘Fifty and Fabulous’ message on the base and candles on the bowl of the glass. The black color of the glass offsets the writing, confetti and candles on the glass as well as the birthday message. The flask is silver with black accents for displaying the message, ‘Fifty and Fabulous’ and the flask and mini glass come in a velveteen pouch.

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Not everyone is turning fifty so check out the other purse party themes that are available for you to buy for the others on your shopping list. Other themes available include: The Pink Giraffe Purse Party, The Saki Purse Party and The Neon Purse Party.

The Pink Giraffe Purse Party flask has the cute pink giraffe spots on a green background with a silver overall color. The mini martini glass is clear with the pink giraffe spots and stripes on the rim of the bowl and on the base of the glass. The flask holds four ounces of your favorite drink and the mini martini glass hold one ounce. All of this tucks safely and neatly in a velveteen pouch for taking with you.

You can also purchase this terrific purse party gift in a Saki theme. The flask of the Saki Purse Party is silver embellished with black and white and a bamboo plant on the front. The glass has a bamboo plant climbing the stem and up onto the bowl. This is a beautiful set and the flask has a four ounce capacity with the accompanying mini glass holding one ounce. This set also has a nifty velveteen pouch for carrying with you on your night on the town or anywhere you want to go.

Last but not least, if you would rather, there is The Neon Purse Party gift. Maybe you know someone who would love this gift. If so, this set has all types of signs and other party essentials painted on a black background on the flask. The signs read from ‘Open’ to ‘Diner’ and cocktail glasses embellishing the flask, you will find this is a wonderful selection for the party girl on your list and make fabulous bachelorette party gifts. The mini martini glass has the same great signs and musical notes and glasses on the bowl, stem and base.

The one ounce glass is black and this allows the embellishments to show up in great detail. The four ounce flask is silver with the black background in the middle for displaying the messages. This set also comes with a velveteen pouch.

If you are looking for a cute and fun item for someone ‘of age,’ these purse party gifts are perfect gift ideas. You might even want to get one for yourself to take with you on your night of fun and good times when you celebrate out on the town. Everyone will be asking where you found these awesome gift ideas.

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