Oct 17

3 Tips On What To Pack On Your Road Trip

Submitted by: CT HK

Whether you’re embarking on an adventure to the Grand Canyon or simply planning to visit the Tower Bridge at London, chances for a road trip are expected in future. A long road trip can create havoc on your diet if not planned ahead. It is always advisable to pack some healthy snacks and nutritious homemade meals in order to avoid junk foods and over-priced restaurants and in order to stay healthy and fresh.

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the journey. Try carrying plenty of water and low calorie drinks in the car. The re- circulated air can make you extra-thirsty, and thirst is often mistaken for hunger. While it comes to snacks try munching on protein- rich and fibrous food which will keep you fuller for a longer time. Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables such as apple, grapes, tomatoes, sliced carrots and sliced bell peppers will keep you healthy throughout your journey. Flavored sandwiches topped with crisp vegetables and spread with pesto or cream cheese is a good way to evade the road side junk food. Sandwiches can be made a night before and stored in the fridge in order to keep it fresh for a longer time. Also try to pack these snacks in zip-lock bags to keep it fresh. Cheese cubes cut into small pieces can also be stored in zip- lock bags. Eating cheese can satisfy your hunger and give you the calcium your body need. Celery sticks are also a good option for a crunchy snack instead of French fries from popular fast food restaurants. They taste good and you can bring a Tupperware full of celery sticks with your favorite dip. Berries of different kinds may serve as a healthy snack too. These fruits are full of antioxidants, which is good for the health of your skin. Eat a handful when you feel hungry in the car. Store them in tight containers.

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Certain gas stations also have markets with a wide variety of food choices. If you cannot make it to pack your own food or run out of snacks, you can pick up some healthy snacks while you stop for fuel. When taking long road trips you certainly have to stop to stretch your legs or let the dog have a break at a road side rest. If you are trying to make good time of your stop, you may decide to pick up something from the vending machines to save yourself from halting at another stop. To make the healthiest choices, select bottled water instead of soda and look for baked chips, honey roasted nuts, fruit snacks, or cheese and cracker options.

On arriving at your planned destination, consider renting a place with a kitchen. This will help you save a lot on your wallet and restrict you from eating out. Also once you have arrived at your destination check out for some local farm stands from where you could collect fresh vegetables and fruits. Trying out new and local food can be a great part of a vacation for you and your family. Plan ahead and list out your dietary items in order to stick to them. Eat well and stay well to enjoy your road trip to the fullest!

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Sep 25

B To B Business Owners: Measure Your Marketing For Success

By Susan Tatum

Summary: If youre not measuring your marketing results, youre not getting the most out of your marketing investment. Read this article to learn the two most important secrets to marketing measurement and find out how you can accelerate your marketing results by measuring the right things.

The best way to ensure you get stellar results from your marketing is one that is overlooked surprisingly often: measure! When you first launch a marketing program, you may have to start by measuring activities, but eventually youll be able to measure results. Most importantly and this is where a lot of measurement efforts fail — you can measure progress against your plan.

Here are a few guidelines to help you get started or to assess your current measuring system:

Keep it simple collect only data youll actually act on.

With applications such as CRMs and web analytic programs, its easy to measure more than you really need to know. Just ask yourself this question: What will I do with this information?

Make sure the data is collected in the same way all the time.

If youre trying to spot a trend, consistency is often more important than accuracy.

Look at the findings regularly and share it with others.

Theres nothing like a little visibility to make sure things stay on track.

Integrate your marketing measurements with measurements for sales

, customer service and any other client-facing groups. This will allow you to see how well the entire process is working.

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What should you measure?

While marketing analytics can get very complex, especially for large, multi-national, multi-business firms, you can accomplish a lot by just tracking some combination of the following:

In-bound inquiries.

How many new inquiries has marketing generated this month (or week) and over the last 12 months (or year-to-date).

Qualified Leads.

How many of these inquiries are actually real prospects?

Sources of leads.

How many leads have come from each of your major sources: teleprospecting, direct mail, email campaigns, networking, referrals, online or offline advertising, public relations, search engines, events. At what cost?

Qualified opportunities.

How many real sales opportunities are currently in the pipeline. How many were generated by marketing? How does this compare to the number and value you expected to have?

Progress against your marketing implementation plan.

Have you and your marketing people completed the activities you committed to complete?

General website traffic.

What is the trend for the number of people visiting your site? Where are they coming from? What percentage sign up for your newsletter or to download information?

How often should you review your measurements?

For a high-level strategic view of marketing progress, a monthly review will give you a good picture. To actually manage a marketing effort on a tactical level, a weekly review of the data is better.

Charts and graphs are generally better than words and numbers simply because research shows that people absorb information from the former faster than from the latter.

Two secrets to making measurements work:

Secret #1: Continuously compare whats really happening to what your marketing plan says should be happening. For example, its good to know that youve generated 150 qualified leads so far this year. Its far better to know that, according to your plan, you should have generated 200 leads by now.

Secret #2: When you review the reports whether monthly or weekly act on the information! Make decisions. Redeploy resources. Change your approach. Whatever it takes to get and stay on track.

In summary

Those of you who are already well into a good system of measuring and reporting on a complex marketing operation are likely to tell me Ive oversimplified things here. And maybe youre right. There are loads of other important bits of information that are good to know and watch. The point I want to make is: you dont have to do it all in order to get a benefit. As Nike says, Just Do It!

The Tatum Group 2007

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Jul 06

Car Antenna Questions And Answers

Submitted by: Jack Wylde

In this article we will discuss How Do Auto Radio Antennas Work. We will also discuss its importance and its working. We shall understand more about radio waves and its properties and how transmission happens through it.

In this paragraph we will understand what is an antenna.Human ear cannot perceive radio waves directly. This is because they fall in the electromagnetic range which cannot be picked up by a normal human ear. Then we may have a doubt how the information gets transmitted especially through radio and television. We may also have doubts regarding wireless communications like cell phone and transmission of data through Internet. But it is possible to catch these waves by a device. It is this device we name as an antenna.

Radio antennas receive electromagnetic waves. These look like tubes made of stainless steel because they conduct well. They also have the property of expansion and contraction at a desired height.

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There is a major classification in this. Amplitude modulation and frequency modulation. The broadcast of AM signals happen at shorter frequencies and broadcast of FM signals happen at a higher frequency range. Only antennas that are long can pick up lower frequency signal and only antennas that are short are capable of broadcast of FM signals that happen at a higher frequency.We all happily enjoy music in radio. We have never thought how such a broadcast happens. Nowadays many stations have come up. As we keep tuning we will observe clearly how these antennas picks up radio waves of a particular station. Each station works at a particular assigned frequency. A license has to obtained from FCC which regulates the communication of radio stations. Only waves that are strong can be caught by the antenna of the radio.

There are lot of differences between an ordinary radio antenna and radio antenna of car because the car is not stationary. A heavy wire should be connected that runs through the body of the car that remains shielded. We may have doubt why shielding should be done. This is done to prevent interference of external waves. These external wave can be anything right from cell phone or even various power lines in the road. Only when this interference is stopped there can be smooth flow of radio waves to tuner from the antenna of the radio in the car.

Nowadays technology has become so advanced technology like presence of gears in the tubes of the antenna. These tubes are operated by means of a motor. This is to receive the signal by the antennas when the radio is being switched on. There are other differences also between stationary radio antenna and that of a radio antenna of a car that is moving because the steel used in construction of antenna in car is more stronger and rigid. Some vehicles are also trying to use the same technology used in mobile phone for transmission of radio wave signals. However this is still in experimentation stage only.

Thus we have learnt How Do Auto Radio Antennas Work

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Apr 09

Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics And Work From Home

Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics And Work From Home


Roy Carter

Are you fed up battling with traffic, traveling to and from work every day with less and less time for leisure activities? If this is you, then affiliate marketing could be the answer to your frustrations. How does setting your own hours sound and working from home to make the income you need to enjoy life? Read on, because learning affiliate marketing is definitely the way to go.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you don\’t need your own website, you don\’t need experience, and it\’s simple to learn by taking an effective affiliate marketing course. Before you realize it, you can be seeing extra cash quickly adding up in your bank account. Even if you can only set aside a few hours a day, or even a week, to complete a single assignment or two, learning affiliate marketing can be extremely beneficial to your financial future.

If you learn affiliate marketing by taking a professional course, the content is specific and relates directly to what is relevant. You won\’t waste valuable time going through irrelevant content that isn\’t applicable or necessary.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing can be defined as an agreement between an affiliate, which is you, and a vendor. The vendor pays the affiliate commissions on referrals the affiliate generates. This is accomplished by the affiliate promoting a particular tracking link.

The Affiliate Marketing Process:

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Affiliate Marketing is not difficult to learn and the process is as follows:

1. You follow the instructions to sign up with an Affiliate Marketing program that you wish to promote.

2. You will then instantly be assigned your unique affiliate tracking link to promote a particular product.

3. It is then up to you to promote the link in any number of ways, such as article writing, press releases and video promotion. You can learn more about such methods in any good quality \’learn affiliate marketing\’ type course.

4. You are then paid your commissions earned by your efforts to promote the affiliate link.

5. You can be accepted into an affiliate program and have your link in less than five minutes.

What Is Not Required:

Most businesses have enormous start up costs, and many don\’t begin seeing a profit for over a year or more. When you learn affiliate marketing, you won\’t have to worry about all of those additional expenses. Here are a few other things you won\’t need:

1. You don\’t need your own website, nor will you have to build one. Building a website can be daunting to many people, especially beginners, and most people don\’t have the money to hire a professional. With affiliate marketing, you simply direct visitors to someone else\’s already successful, professional website.

2. You don\’t need a product because you\’ll be promoting someone else\’s.

3. You don\’t need to create or purchase an expensive sales letter. Salesletters can be incredibly expensive, but with affiliate marketing, you simply send visitors to somebody else\’s sales page.

4. You don\’t need much money to make it a success.

5. You don\’t have to hire managers and run a big business, making it ideal for someone wanting to earn some money from home.

6. The only aspect you have to focus on is promoting your affiliate link. Easy!

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